Our Unique Service is what makes us different.

We are proud to provide a unique service by making our 4A LAW Lawyers available when our clients need us, whether that is in the middle of the night, early hours of the morning or a bank holiday. We serve a global market and do not let time zones affect our service.

We believe in how we treat others is how our business is then treated by others.

Our referrals through word of mouth and testimonials speak for themselves. Virtually founded and with our Head Office located in the Gatwick diamond area ensures that we can meet clients whilst they are in transit at the airports or on a short stay in London.

Why Us

At the heart of our business we offer Exceptional Client Care.

We pride ourselves on delivering solutions for clients so much that our mission is to fearlessly pursue the best interest of our every client whether a private individual or business client, to the fullest extent of the law.

Our Core values

Trust — a relationship based on trust will enable both client and adviser to deal with the case effectively and efficiently.

Understanding – understanding the needs and goals of the client will enable us to provide the client with the best course of action for their case. It will not only identify the needs of the client but also identify how the case is likely to progress and will assist in establishing the costs of the case.

Quality — we have experienced and skilled lawyers who think outside the box, our lawyers, solicitors and barristers are highly competent. We can see a case through from the initial advice to the Supreme Court and beyond if necessary.