UK Spouse Visa How to Get it Marry and settle in the UK

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A UK Spouse Visa is much more than choosing wedding outfits
Marriage to settle in the UK and getting a British Spouse Visa is much more than choosing wedding outfits

Obtaining the right UK immigration law advice need not be such hard work for foreign nationals who wish to marry and settle in the UK. The best thing to do is to get proper UK immigration law advice for a UK spouse visa as soon as possible.

UK spouse visa and immigration laws affecting non-UK nationals marrying UK nationals have seen almost continuous change. This is perhaps because many people want to marry and come to the UK for settlement. Immigration Minister Damian Green on UK Spouse Visas and UK Immigration.

Some foreign nationals who are already in the UK may not be eligible to switch into the UK spouse visa category. It is always important therefore to obtain the right immigration legal advice. This is not least for the added peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that the immigration advice is tailored for your specific situation and circumstances.

There are several immigration categories which can be chosen as a realistic option for those considering migration to the UK to for permanent settlement. Particularly as the current government is encouraging foreign investment through business immigration to boost the British economy.

UK Spouse Visa – Don’t marry for Convenience to Settle in the UK!

Trying to obtain a UK spouse visa through a ‘sham marriage’ (one that is entered into for the purpose of enabling someone to remain in the UK) is not the best way of expressing a deep felt attachment to the UK. Marrying for the sake of convenience to settle in the UK is fraud by another name! Ultimately it is not the relationship that is important but the desire to settle in the UK.

The UK Border Agency (UKBA) continues to crack down on sham marriages. Those suspected of such crimes face criminal sanctions including imprisonment and deportation from the UK. The UKBA have recently reported that a would-be bride and groom have both been jailed at Bristol Crown Court. Serving a collective prison sentence of almost 3 years is not quite the best way for establishing a life in the UK! Clear proof of how not to get a UK spouse visa!

How to get a Proper UK Spouse Visa?

How do you get a proper UK spouse visa? The answer is simple. Marry for the right reasons. If you do not marry for the right reasons you will inevitably need family law advice for divorce!  Though, our best advice? Get the right UK immigration legal advice, first time, every time.

4A LAW help with advice, applications appeals and advocacy in all aspects of corporate UK immigration and private UK immigration  with the department headed by Vijesna Rohit (a former Immmigration Advisory Service Appeals Counsellor) with well over 14 years of experience of attending UK immigration courts and winning successfully helping many businesses and individuals.

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  1. Dorthy Sterling

    I finally decided to write a comment on your blog. I just wanted to say good job. I really enjoy reading your posts.

    • Thanks Dorothy,

      Glad you liked the information. I think there will certainly need to be a post on our site too re certificate for marriage.

  2. kan iyer

    Read your article about the spouse visa and found it really helpful.Your blog has given really useful advice about marriage and settlement visas.

    Good job.

  3. Fabiane

    really nice article, very impressive. thanks for posting.

  4. tams r

    Interesting article. I haven’t come across a blog on this topic before so it seems you’ve chosen a great niche’.
    You asked me to come by and check your blog when you commented on mine and I’m glad I did.
    I particularly like your setup and your menu bar.
    Great job!
    On topic, I have never understood marriages of convenience. It seems like you’d be trading one misery for another.

    • Tams,

      Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate you taking the time to visit and comment.

      On topic, unfortunately far too often people do get involved in a marriage of convenience for the sake of a visa and then regret it within a very short space of time!!!

  5. John

    I am glad to read this article because this article is summaries in meaningful and simplest format about marriage and settlement visa. Well immigration is important for each parliamentary authority and do not have the force of law without it. I think immigration based primarily. My point of view many people want to marry and come to the UK for settlement. But I know one thing at least two or three years is not quite the best way for establishing a life in UK.

    • Thanks for the comment John,

      It is rather sad when people just do thing for the sake of convenience rather thiking about the longer term. After marriage is meant to be for life isn’t it?

  6. stephen

    … but don’t bother if your spouse is white and christian … there’ll be some trumped up excuse made. Human rights legislation (right to a family life) doesn’t apply if you are white British. I have been married for twenty years. I have to look after my elderly and invalid parents (one is in hospital as I write) so am in the UK. Even on a valid tourist visa my wife gets hassled at immigration, even after an immigration officer has spoken to me twice while I am waiting for her. We eventually got residence in a European country (we are trilingual) and bought a home there which we still have. Having been rejected in the country of origin the application for spouse visa was accepted in Europe as we had residency. But when we arrived in the UK we were “arrested” separated and interrogated in the early hours on the baseless charge our visa was fraudulent. When that one-year visa expired it was not renewed. We have been told that new visa applications are processed centrally or by an agency but the country of origin consulate say they will veto any application. They will not say why. The Home Office has no record of anything (so they say) even when given photographic evidence (such as the visa). My MP cannot help as we have no application pending. When I visited Lunar House I was told I was wasting my time (a) wrong colour/wrong religion (b) I needed to find who the “godfather” was there who arranged things for the relevant (ethnic ?) group. The implication was crystal clear – although in our case the country of origin was not obviously represented – so we didn’t know who to ask even if we had been willing to compensate someone for their trouble. Every attempt to contact the Home Office is (i) ignored (ii) answered with words to the effect they have no information (iii) they deliberately avoid answering the question asked. English is the third language of my spouse being fluent in two main European languages. We do have some incompatibility issues as I do not like marmite ! I regularly send over tea bags, Cadbury’s chocolate, Paxo stuffing mix, Fisherman’s Friend, Parma Violets, Birds custard powder etc. and took over several Christmas puddings, crackers on my last visit – so an “English” test would not likely be a problem if we were allowed to take one. I would want any interview to be taped as I don’t trust anyone at the Home Office. So it looks like we will be living apart for a while yet – which presumably gives them more grounds to refuse a visa application. Yes I am white too. How did you guess ?

  7. Hi Stephen,

    Thank you for the visit and the comment. Seems as though you are having a real tough time with UK immigration. We are frequently fighting the cause for British people regardless of their background (white or otherwise).

    The sad truth is that the UK immigration authorities do not particularly want immigrants to settle here, which is why there are so many hurdles and an ever changing goal post.

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