David Cameron Supports Illegal Immigrant Text Message Campaign

David Cameron Supports Illegal Immigrant Text Message Campaign

David Cameron supports illegal immigrant text message campaign, it  has been reported on Friday 18th October 2013 by BBC News.

Does David Cameron Really Support The Illegal Immigrant Text Message Campaign?

Text Messages
Are you an Illegal Immigrant who you no longer has the right to remain in the UK –  Text Messages—Duncan (Flickr.com)

BBC News reports that David Cameron agrees with the principle of sending text messages which suggests that those who receive the text messages are illegal immigrants, even though some of them have gone to the wrong people, said his spokesman.

According to the BBC News website The “Home Office says just 14 people out of a total of 58,800 contacted were mistakenly asked if they had overstayed their visas.

But campaigners say the true number of people wrongly contacted is far higher. Labour described the government’s tactic as “shambolic and incompetent”.

Some people suspected of having outstayed their visas were sent a text reading: “Our records show you may not have leave to remain in the UK. Please contact us to discuss your case.”

The prime minister’s official spokesman acknowledged that the wording of the texts had changed since the campaign began. Originally, they had included the phrase: “You are required to leave the UK as you no longer have the right to remain.””

David Cameron Should Support A Legal Immigrant Text Message Campaign

The year 2013 has seen a wave of attempts by the UK Home Office to use the press against immigrants under the immigration law banner.

The difficulty though, is that the politicians are failing the public by not making clear that in fact illegal immigration is what is meant to be tackled. Sadly the approach adopted by the ruling politicians actually causes more harm than good. This is because it creates divides among society as to the sort of people who are not welcomed in the UK. It does not accept that business immigration is good for the UK.

To make matters worse the current Immigration bill if made law will be a savage blow to campaigners and migrant rights. It is difficult to imagine how life in the UK will become. That is because life in the UK will no longer be the same as it has been since World War II. The British public must not forget that the Queen in fact visited many commonwealth countries to ask foreign nationals to fly to the UK to help build the British economy. Many immigrants (or as American refers to them, ‘aliens’) took a stand to assist in the re-building of Britain after the World War II.

Britain would do well not to forget her roots and not undo the great work of the migrant community as a whole. 4A LAW certainly think that it is high time that Britain openly celebrates the contribution of immigrants to the UK. That can only happen from the top. 4A LAW invite David Cameron to lead the celebration.

Since the year 2000 4A LAW immigration lawyers continue successfully represent migrants and their families at court and win cases on appeals. If you would like more information contact 4A LAW or email info@4alaw.com for personalised legal advice.

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